Integrity: Power of Words


Integrity, the Principal Force of Sadashiva, Advaita, Cosmic Oneness

Bring Integrity, even you will discover new you. Even you will discover new you. Bring Integrity, it will empower you. Integrity will literally make you Sadashiva, that is the energy generated by the spindle of Advaita Satya, Oneness. The Cosmic Oneness is the Meru Danda when that Cosmic Oneness gets moved, churned, the energy generated is Integrity. Integrity is the force of Advaita. The primal force of Advaita is Integrity. The principal force of Advaita is Integrity. Practice Integrity you will get into Advaita.

It is with Integrity life starts. It is with Integrity you reach the core principle, the spindle. Only with Integrity you will even understand the core truth of Completion.

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