Inner Awakening® Program Produces Beings with Extraordinary Powers


Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Inner Awakening® Program Produces Beings with Extraordinary Powers

The 41st Inner Awakening® 21 day yoga spiritual program conducted by living avatar His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda comes to a grand finale tomorrow 18th March 2017. This unique program was attended by delegates from over 32 countries across the globe from various cultures, races, professions, ages and socio-economic backgrounds from the age of 4 to the age of 75.

The hallmark of the Inner Awakening® program is that 100% of all the participants were initiated into and are successfully expressing Shaktis (extraordinary powers) manifesting through Kundalini AwakeningSM and Third Eye AwakeningSM as revealed by Sadashiva in the Agamas.


The Agamas are ancient scriptures of the Vedic tradition which are the applied science of the ultimate truths revealed in the Upanishads. Shaktis are different from Siddhis (mystical powers) in that Siddhis happen on one’s way to enlightenment whereas Shaktis express from the space of enlightenment or Oneness (advaita) as many may call it.

In this 21 day retreat, participants from 32 countries with absolutely no prior experience in yoga, meditation, spirituality, are able to express and radiate these extraordinary powers like:

— THIRD EYE AWAKENING℠ - seeing through their third eye just like the way we see with our two eyes
— REMOTE VISION – able to describe any location and describe the location very clearly (even location that they have never seen in their life so far)
— BODY SCANNING – able to scan any human body and identify any disorders / diseases they are having
— Answer any question – Ability to answer any complex question in any of the subjects
— Express ultimate creativity - Ability to express any art – like painting, dancing , playing any musical instrument
— Move any unmoving object – Just with the awakened consciousness and experience of oneness (Advaita), moving any unmoving object without touching it. For example, just with power of third eye and awakened consciousness, the participants move coconuts without touching them with ease.

All these powers simply get transmitted by the sheer grace of a living incarnation through Shaktipata or the Power of Oneness (Advaita). To enable an easy and powerful expression of these Shaktis, HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda has gifted the delegates with the Nithyananda Jnana Rasavada℠. This consists of a number of unique spiritual alchemy products – that support a person's neurology to constantly remain in the space of higher consciousness.

Shaktis are the expression of the highest cosmic truths for the welfare of all humanity and the Universe at large. This is the first time in the history that a living avatar is radiating these Shaktis, transmitting them and making them accessible to the common man as a part of his daily life and thus establishing this powerful tradition as a science.

The initiation into and expression of these Shaktis marks the entry of a new species into planet Earth – of beings who have transcended human limitations and are established in the power of pure consciousness. These new species with their extraordinary intelligence coupled with compassion and integrity to life are thus equipped to lead humanity into the next breakthrough. They are the living embodiments of what the oldest living tradition, the Vedic tradition, stands for.

All these Inner Awakening® participants are now living and practicing the Vedic tradition and have committed to the Vedic lifestyle including vegetarianism, which directly helps them sustain the high consciousness from which the Shaktis manifest.

Watch them share their experiences tomorrow (Saturday 18th March 2017) at 9am on in Glimpses of Inner Awakening℠ .

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